Lab #1

Part 1:

Personal Anecdotes: 

  1. Club Groping
  2. Woman aggressively pulling on her dog’s leash

Current Events: 

  1. Trump’s immigration ban on 7 countries
  2. Women’s March
  3. Mistreatment of dogs for A Dog’s Purpose

Part 2:

Club Groping

One word “themes”: fun, fear, disgust, objectification, night, buzz kill, clubbing, individuality, dancing, privacy, violation, personal rights, invading, gender dynamics, women, consent

Part 3: 

  • How has being groped in a club, as a female, become normalized?
  • Is it normal for our society to expect women to be groped in clubs?
  • Have we (women) let ourselves be objectified and helped it in some way?
  • What gives someone the right to decide of another’s desires?
  • Why is it mostly men groping women and never the contrary?




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