Lab #5

Part 1

  1. How are women represented in cinema and what does it communicate to our society?
  2. Sexualization of women, Princesses still need a man in general (Damsel  in Distress), Women’s roles in movies, How women are used as clickbaits, , James Bond women, Relation of cinema/culture/reality (real life affects cinema + cinema affects real life), Have we really made progress regarding mentality/views, Dumb blond, Oscar nominated movies for Best Picture –> Who in leading role? 2000-2017, How society interprets the role of women in movies

Part 2 

  •                                               This source was completely useless. The blogger is basically saying that almost all women love James Bond, lists why and says that they have erotic dreams about them. Useless…

This source refers to ” Robert A. Caplen’s 2001 work, Shaken and Stirred: The Feminism of James Bond, 1962–1979 ” , which I want to explore! It sounds like it would be very helpful.

This link gives a list of all the movies (since the beginning of the Oscars) that have won for best picture.

gives stats, very interesting! ! !



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