Lab #6

Step 1

I never understood those who sat in the very first rows to watch a movie. How could you stand having your neck craned for 2 hours non-stop? Then there was the problem of sitting in the last row: your seat couldn’t recline. It was then the race to reaching one of the middle seats in the last rows. Then there was the problem of who sat next to you. Currently a group of friends were sitting to my left, blabbing away. The movie hadn’t started yet, so maybe (hopefully) they would quiet down. Behind were some elderly, no harm. A couple sat suspiciously at the far right corner. Apart from that, all was good. So far there wasn’t a tall idiot that decided to sit in front of me. The sounds of snacks initially bought to be enjoyed during the movie could be heard, everyone caving in and then being disappointed that the advertisement period had eaten all up.

Step 2

Sentence from my first draft: “The movie industry keeps producing movies using these female models over and over again.”

Some types of female characters we instantly recognize as soon as we hear about them, since they have been recurring and still are in movies. For example, The cold and heartless boss, the damsel in distress, the sleazy journalist, the workaholic, the transformation girl, the high school bitch or the desperate city girl.   We would believe tat these roles are disappearing from the market, but they aren’t. For example, in the most recent Jurassic Parc movie, the main female character is a workaholic. In Amy Schumer’s “Trainwreck” the female journalist sleeps with the subject of her story.


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