Lab #8

Task 1:

  • Cat Woman is like your hamper of dirty clothes: full of different elements mashed together.
  • The movie industry is like a gaping fish, swallowing all the money it can.
  • Latex suits are like the saying “it takes pain to be pretty”.

Task 2:

  • Perfection is like a drug because you can’t ever feel fully satisfied.
  • Inequality is like that friend that will never leave you alone because it is found everywhere.
  • Indulging is like overlooking your diet and eating some cake, because you know its bad for you but you still do it.

Task 3:

  • Women’s cinematic representations are our day’s guilty pleasure.
  • Women’s cinematic representations make us scared of the future.
  • Women’s cinematic representations are this beacon that no one can achieve

Task 4:

Female superheroes are often [represented] depicted this way, but what about day-to-day female characters? We seem to judge older movies for [having] including women with passive roles, but are they completely [gone] erased from our modern movie culture? The majority of the lead roles are male. In general, female characters [tend to have] hold  less dialogue than male characters. To top it off, when they actually do talk, the subject often revolves around men…




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