Lab #11

Part Two.

In the mean time, major cinema industries such as Hollywood keep producing movies containing female characters that are hypersexualized or generally silent. Who’s fault is it? The industry? The audiences? Both?

If we know the messages sent out are the wrong ones, why do we keep going back towards them?

In all honesty, even though I know these images are all fiction and fake representation, I like to identify myself to them sometimes. It’s entertaining to daydream about a different version of myself and about all the things I could do, which I cannot do in real life. It’s interesting to pretend that I could manage to pull off martial arts in heels.

I believe it is one of everyone’s guilty pleasures.

Part Three.

My hair goes flying back as I throw him to the ground. I immediately pick him back up and punch him in the face. He staggers back, allowing me to kick him in the chest. His back hits the wall. I grab his throat and my foot mobilizes his hand against the it. He drops the gun. He’s stuck. “Cat’s got your tongue.”, my perfectly red lips whisper in a sultry voice.

– (The Dark Knight Rises, 2012, Cat’s Got Your Tongue scene)

I remember watching The Dark Knight Rises and being fixated on Cat Woman. I just had to imagine myself as her. Her hair always stayed groomed, her red lipstick always remained on and she talked in a sultry voice. Her suit gave her the perfect body shape. She was independent and could fend for herself. During battles, she managed to use her full force while remaining elegant and sexy. Her extremely fitted suit never restrained any of her movements, and she somehow managed to accomplish all of this while wearing high heels. Fierce and strong yet still “ladylike”. How realistic! Cat Woman was basically a bunch of opposites combined together. 

The cinema industry is full of female perfection models, such as Cat Woman. Sure, we have been doing progress, but we cannot deny the fact that these models still remain. How are women represented in cinema? More precisely, we’ll be taking a look at their physical representation and vocally passive representation, as well as how society interprets this information.

Part Four 

Some movies are underrated, just like women are.

Hollywood likes to bombard us with fake representations of the female gender.

One of our guilty pleasures has become more than just that.

Women have always been asked to be perfect and the cinema industry is only adding to that demand.

The sexy super heroine, the stupid blonde, the damsel in distress, the perfect mother, the sex craved girl, these are only some of the fake representations Hollywood has helped push into our minds.


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