Reading #9, comments on Julien Otis-Laperriere’s 2nd Draft

I believe that the subject of the article was stated pretty clearly at some point and that it asks what the purpose of particle-wave duality is in quantum mythicism (I am really sorry if this is not the case, please let me know!).
The best aspect of the article was for me it’s organisation and flow. Julien took his time to set us up in his intro and to then integrate different scientific aspects. I appreciated that he separated his text in many small paragraphs, which helped in the reading of the article, in my opinion. Also, he would explain some scientific aspects with analogies, which helped visualize the somewhat abstract content.
To my eyes, the aspect needing the most work is the “weight” of the article. What I mean is that even though the text is well organized, it still feels like a lot of information to take in. It probably feels like more since it is scientific and kind of abstract to me. I had to reread some parts more than once, just to be sure I fully grasped the concept and I would sometimes get a little confused between the different theories.
Nonetheless, it must be difficult explaining such concepts and Julien does a good job.
I must add that I enjoyed the conclusion, because in the text someone could have thought that the author was against religion in some way. However I think it would be a good idea to add a comment about your article’s subject. Meaning, maybe give a short summary of how particule wave duality has a purpose in quantum mythicism (unless if that was not your subject, once again I am sorry). I believe it would make it a little more clear if anyone still had doubts or was confused about what the answer actually was.

Isis Meunier.


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