Reading Response #11

Reading Response #11

This is the first time that I’ve worked for so long on one piece of writing. Honestly, it did not enjoy it as much as I would’ve expected. I thought that getting the opportunity to rework and brainstorm a text for so long would help me improve it and go further than my abilities, but I feel like I had a lot of difficulty simply reaching my abilities. I enjoyed the course and your way of teaching, but I think that working on a text for so long made me loose the energy I had. I just felt more lost in my ideas rather than more precise. However I did learn new ways/techniques to write, such as incorporating a personal anecdote. I had never done that before and simply writing it made the text feel more personal. I liked it. I always thought that it would be out of place, but I learned that it can uplift a text! I will definitely continue using this technique going forward. Still, I don’t feel like my writing improved much during the semester. The new knowledge I acquired will most certainly show in other texts, but in the article that I wrote I felt like my writing did not improve. I think it’s because I felt lost in my ideas even though I did end up narrowing it down in the end. In the future I want to keep improving the aspect of being concise. I tend add too many useless words and I need to keep working on weeding them out! This is another technique I learned in this class and I am grateful for it.


My response started off a little negative, but I honestly enjoyed this class and your open way of teaching. I heard a lot saying that it helped them to get this much time to work on a text, so I guess it depends for everyone! Also, I generally liked the articles that you made us read. Those that stuck with me were the Ketchup article, Cosmos and the one about alive organ donation (I’m sorry I don’t remember the exact titles).


Have a great summer, you’ll make it through corrections!




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