Lab #9

Part one: How are women represented in cinema and what does it communicate to our society? 2. How are they physically represented? Who are the female characters meant to please? Do women have less voice then men? Is the public the one demanding to see these images? How are we contributing to the development of… Continue reading Lab #9

Lab #3

Part 1 David Sedaris. Sarcastic tone. Uses italics. Asks questions. Puts some of his thoughts as they are formulated in his mind (ex: “Did i hear her correctly?”). Part 2 The school day had just ended, and in a hurry to leave, me and my friend started running down the street.I could see my mother walking towards… Continue reading Lab #3

Lab #12

Part 1: Women in Cinema The Dark Representation of Women Arises Cinematic Women How Well Women are Depicted in Cinema? Women VS Hollywood Female Characters Seen in Cinema Female Characters in Cinema: Men’s Desires Portrayed on Screen Do Women put Women Down? How Hollywood Whispers Beautiful Lies Women! Hollywood’s Favorite Accessory Start with letter D:… Continue reading Lab #12

Lab #11

Part Two. In the mean time, major cinema industries such as Hollywood keep producing movies containing female characters that are hypersexualized or generally silent. Who’s fault is it? The industry? The audiences? Both? If we know the messages sent out are the wrong ones, why do we keep going back towards them? In all honesty,… Continue reading Lab #11

Lab #8

Task 1: Cat Woman is like your hamper of dirty clothes: full of different elements mashed together. The movie industry is like a gaping fish, swallowing all the money it can. Latex suits are like the saying “it takes pain to be pretty”. Task 2: Perfection is like a drug because you can’t ever feel… Continue reading Lab #8