Lab #6

Step 1 I never understood those who sat in the very first rows to watch a movie. How could you stand having your neck craned for 2 hours non-stop? Then there was the problem of sitting in the last row: your seat couldn’t recline. It was then the race to reaching one of the middle… Continue reading Lab #6

Lab #5

Part 1 How are women represented in cinema and what does it communicate to our society? Sexualization of women, Princesses still need a man in general (Damsel  in Distress), Women’s roles in movies, How women are used as clickbaits, , James Bond women, Relation of cinema/culture/reality (real life affects cinema + cinema affects real life),… Continue reading Lab #5

Lab #4

2) Before 1994, diabetes in children was generally caused by a genetic disorder — only about 5 percent of childhood cases were obesity-related, or Type 2, diabetes. Today, according to the National Institutes of Health, Type 2 diabetes accounts for at least 30 percent of all new childhood cases of diabetes in this country. 3) I tend… Continue reading Lab #4


Gabrielle-Isis Meunier 603-BXE-DW: Nonfiction Writing Jeffrey Gandell February 16th 2017 PROPOSAL 1) Cinema & Communications is a DEC that touches many aspects in the field of communications (such as journalism, media, art), but focuses mainly learning about the world of cinema. 2) We all put ourselves in the skin of a character that appeals to… Continue reading Proposal

Lab #2

Part 1 2) The event I have in mind is something that I believe touches everyone: imagining yourself as this awesome and badass super hero. In this case though, it’s a female superhero, such as cat woman. In those tight suits: badass,  yet still fulfiling the “duty of a woman” to be elegant and sexy.… Continue reading Lab #2

Lab #1

Part 1: Personal Anecdotes:  Club Groping Woman aggressively pulling on her dog’s leash Current Events:  Trump’s immigration ban on 7 countries Women’s March Mistreatment of dogs for A Dog’s Purpose Part 2: Club Groping One word “themes”: fun, fear, disgust, objectification, night, buzz kill, clubbing, individuality, dancing, privacy, violation, personal rights, invading, gender dynamics, women, consent Part… Continue reading Lab #1