Gabrielle-Isis Meunier

603-BXE-DW: Nonfiction Writing

Jeffrey Gandell

February 16th 2017


(I had posted this on time, but i did not know how to post it on my Proposal page…)

1) Cinema & Communications is a DEC that touches many aspects in the field of communications (such as journalism, media, art), but focuses mainly learning about the world of cinema.

2) We all put ourselves in the skin of a character that appeals to us; I will begin my article with a memory of me imagining myself as Cat Woman.

3) How are women represented in movies and what does it communicate to our society?

4) I am writing this article for the teens and young adults who are growing into this world that is over saturated with the idea of female perfection.

5) To sensitize people about the wide gap that still exists between men and women and to show them how all that we see actually does affect us, even subconsciously.

6) Everyone enjoys going to the movies, sitting down and letting oneself get immersed in a movie. We also happen to all live together as a society, where men and women mingle. It is then important for all of us to comprehend the inequality that exists, how it shouldn’t be that way and how we might be feeding into it…

7) I believe this is obvious…

8) I would like to start off with my anecdote, to put us in the context of cinema and fantasy. It basically describes how I imagine myself as Cat Woman. I will describe some of her characteristics, which will serve as an introductory example for the way women are generally depicted in movies. This would then lead me to explaining how women are generally represented in movies. For example, female characters often do not talk as much as male characters and when they do the subject revolves around men. (I must verify if this truly is solid fact or not, but it is simply to give you an example.) This will then lead me to our minds interpretation of repeatedly seeing such situations. What does our mind retain from often seeing women depicted this way? I want to aboard the influence it has on us (whether it be positive or negative). Finally, I want to talk about the fact that we might also be the cause as to why the industry keeps the stereotype going. After all, we love our Hollywood movies, don’t we?

9) I am excited about writing this article as the world of cinema, communications and also feminism really interests me. However, I am a little nervous because I feel like I might have too much to talk about. The subject is broad and there are so many different ways to aboard it! I do not think I can narrow it down any more than I already did: I feel like my article might not have a clear point if I do so. I still feel like I can organise my article well enough for it to be clear and not too complicated!


– Heather Wallace, Dawson CinComm Teacher

– Myriam Rafla, Dawson CinComm Teacher

– Gina Granter, Dawson English Teacher


One thought on “Proposal

  1. This looks great. I think you’re off to an excellent start.

    I have some pieces of advice:

    Focus your discussion around one or two examples of movies. Or, a specific filmmaker. Or an actor. I think focusing on a couple of movies might be a good choice. Use these as examples of women in film, and use them as a springboard to broaden your discussion. But, you can frame the discussion around these examples. This will give your paper shape and make your points concrete.

    On your proposal, you say you think you may have too much to talk about. Better too much than not enough! You say, “I do not think I can narrow it down more than I already did.” You totally can. The example idea above is one way. In addition to this, you can focus on one particular aspect of women’s representation in movies: physical appearance, subservience/dominance, amount of dialogue compared to men, passivity/activity, realism, family life, romantic partnerships, etc. Any one of these could be a strong focus for one paper. Each one of these would give you something concrete to talk about. Think about what aspect of representations of women you’d like to focus on.

    But, this is a very strong start. This topic has great potential. Good stuff.



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